Strategy, design, and implementation for an equitable future from classroom to boardroom.

Let’s design the way forward, together.

You can’t always control the narrative and you certainly can’t change the past.

But, you must own how your organization shows up going forward — and your employees, stakeholders and the world understand that better outcomes for all requires that every sector from government to consumer goods makes the long-term commitment to...

think, create, design, and implement inclusively.

We deliver strategies, programs, and engagement for equitable outcomes.

Program Design & Implementation

We approach every initiative as a design challenge!

Our team of expert strategists and facilitators use design-thinking and equity- centered design frameworks to develop and deliver impactful and sustainable program that center the needs and viewpoints of the people who will experience them.

People in group therapy at a coworking

Community Engagement & Activations

We work with versus create for; engaging the people closest to a need or challenge early and often in every project we take on through listening sessions, community circles, design camps, and convenings. Our team plans interactive events that give our clients opportunities to build community authentically with their stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan should be an organizational blueprint that teams are inspired to bring to life. We partner with you, your staff, and your stakeholders to develop a plan that is inspirational, realistic, tactically sound, and measurable - moving your organization closer to its vision.

Young woman with a senior psychologist in a coworking

Leadership & Executive Coaching

You have big goals and high stakes. We get it. Leading is a combination of will, skill, strategy, and grace. We work with leaders to leverage on your strengths while sharpening the equity and justice lens necessary for supporting people who build corporate and organizations cultures that make a difference.

Communities of Practice

The best learning, innovation and collaboration takes place in communities of peers with shared vision!

We believe it, we live it, and we help our clients to reap the rewards of forming communities of practice among professionals who are committed to working collectively towards common goals.

Who We Are

We are practitioners, strategists, and designers who support our clients in achieving their business or organizational goals with intentional and inclusive strategy and implementation.

Our mission is for our consulting services to empower people to take action and achieve outcomes that will change communities and the world.


Nakeia Drummond
Founder & CEO

Nakeia is an entrepreneur, educator and leader who is committed to designing the change she wants to see. She’s also the founder of a Professional Network & Community of practice for Black Women Entrepreneurs, The WELL.


Kelly Reilly
Consultant and Operations Coordinator

Kelly is a results driven Change Management professional who specializes in improving processes and solving significant strategic problems. Her unique skill set includes facilitation, fostering collaboration, COVID-19 response, strategic planning, effective and innovative problem solving.


Brittany Harris

Brittany Janay (she/her) is… Black woman and mother, perpetual wonderer, forever learner and unlearner committed to being a possibility for what it means to show up as one’s most liberated self. She’s also the founder of In Loving Accountability Coaching & Consulting.


Toni Byrd

Toni Byrd is an analytical and a conceptual thinker who partners with organizations to assess current operations, develop strategic processes, and drive successful implementations. She is an operations consultant and project manager with seven years of experience across multiple industries in the private and public sectors.


Delshan Baker
Integrator (Operations)

Delshan, CEO of Endeavor TBD, is an infrastructuralist who advises organizations and execs on the operational components needed to meet intentions. She has 20+ years of experience in the social sector and a portfolio of clients with transformational impact, national influence, and international reach.

Our Approach

NLD Strategic’s approach to equity-centered organizational strategy and change hinges on committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a set of values that are parts of a whole.

We work with client partners across 4 stages of a continuum.

1. Define


A shared understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

NLD Strategic defines them as:

Diversity (valuing the presence difference) is about adding people of varying backgrounds to your organization. It’s what my university did. It is why diversity, equity and inclusion show up as a team.

Most organizations simplify diversity, equity and inclusion into just diversity. They go to a solve they can easily see.

Equity (accounts for context and provides access) requires that we account for people’s context; the culture they bring, their experiences and we provide opportunities for them to succeed by having the resources both we as leaders need and that they need to succeed. Those contexts must be learned and understood. An organization and its leaders must commit to investing in that learning and to making adjustments to how it operates.

Inclusion (shares power) means that we foster a sense of belonging and appreciation that varied perspectives and approaches is a value-add.

2. Reflect


Organizational Introspection

What have we done to live these values?

What knowledge have we sought to instill them and to unlearn how we have all been taught to fear, exclude, other, and commoditize entire communities of people?

How do we make decisions and offer opportunities? Who is excluded or marginalized in that process?

3. Realign


Establishing DEI values and setting new aligned intentions with integrity.

It’s time to create an organizational vision for what your workplace is committed to becoming.
  • In what will you invest?
  • How will you support people in relearning?
  • How will you make the space safe for learning and unpacking?
  • Who will you work with to guide you through change?

4. Implement, Measure & Adjust

Implement, Measure & Adjust

Continuous Improvement - Designing, implementing, and reflecting and refining to remain aligned.

Programs and initiatives are designed to live out an organization’s values (mission).

Measure, adjust, and repeat

“As a start-up, the details of our work have to be focused but are often times iterative. Nakeia possesses an impeccable ability to navigate ambiguity while leading others to vision fulfillment.”

Wes Moore

(Former CEO of BridgeEdU) Governor of Maryland

“Working with NLD Strategic was a professional highlight for me. The team always brought their A-game - their ideas were innovative and top-notch, their organization and attention to detail were unparalleled, and their commitment to our projects’ success was unwavering. NLD Strategic does everything impeccably - from vision-setting a new program to the nuts-and-bolts of implementing that program to learning and adjusting for continuous improvement - and with such joy, kindness, and integrity!”

Christina Ross

Program Manager, Baltimore City Public Schools

“They (NLD Strategic) are a one stop shop for strategic partnership, planning, convening and facilitation, and our partners and stakeholders have continually provided positive feedback on their efforts and partnership with our organization. Personally, I have also had the honor of working with the NLD team to problem solve through often tricky partner situations and they are always willing to brainstorm strategies and even extend themselves and their own network to help advance the work on behalf of the Baltimore community. We are excited for our future work with NLD and couldn’t recommend them more to other organizations seeking a trusted, thoughtful, and skilled collaborator to advance your efforts.”

Julia K. Baez

Chief Executive Officer, Baltimore’s Promise
Tracy Kyttle Headshot

“NLD customized their investment in my professional growth by building on my strengths as an introverted leader. Together, we tackled the most challenging emotional elements of leading teams and transformed my talents for coaching dynamically. Furthermore, having worked on solo endeavors for many years, NLD became instrumental in modeling best practices for ensuring I demonstrated effective collaboration and partnership behaviors with my peers. And finally, the team provided me with a toolbox I long was without, which carried instruments I needed to feel comfortable advocating for my capacity. I was empowered with tangible and tactical strategies for demystifying the messiness of shared workstreams and left me with operationalized agenda structures that improved meeting culture and productivity indefinitely. Above all, NLD empowered me to confidently lead from my seat and to own my workstyle authentically.”

Tracy Kyttle

District Manager, Postsecondary Advising
Jackie Pendergrass-Dawson Headshot

“My leadership coaching experience with NLD Strategic has left a lasting imprint on how I operate and identify as a leader both personally and professionally. As an emerging leader, this holistic experience help me to develop the confidence and skills that I needed to conquer a district level role. Nakeia’s thoughtful approach in identifying strengths and areas for growth, allowed me to dig deeper and think more strategically on how to create cohesion, identify goals, leverage resources, and navigate difficult situations. Through my leadership coaching experience, I was able to find my voice, a voice that has now allowed me to engage more confidently with internal and external stakeholders in efforts to build and establish a district wide program model.

This experience with NLD Strategic was an investment that I am forever grateful for, it is an investment that I truly encourage others to make. Thank you NLD Strategic for helping me to evolve holistically, but more than anything, thank you for helping me to evolve as a leader.”

Jackie Pendergrass-Dawson, Ed.D.

District Manager - City Schools Persists, Baltimore City Public Schools