Who We Are

We are practitioners and strategists helping organizations and businesses transform outcomes so that they can lead change in society towards greater equity and access for the underrepresented and underserved. 

We know problems and challenges from every angle because we’ve been there — as teachers, administrators, business leaders and consultants. From the classroom to the corporate office, we’ve implemented where others have only advised, bringing the rigor of state-of-the-art management expertise to complex real-world problems only someone with a truly authentic connection to the community can fully understand.

Our credibility and passion creates real buy-in; our knowledge and insight creates real impact. Not only can we help you find the way forward, we save you time and money getting there, while making the journey meaningful for all.

We believe in…


Living life on purpose and with a purpose. making decisions for life that are in pursuit and or support of purpose. Purpose-driven pursuits reach others. Living in purpose is all of our duty.


Thoughtful, well-planned implementation/execution of initiatives and ideas. Nothing is haphazard. Considering the data, making plans, executing and adjusting as needed. A strategic mind is a sound mind!


Being our true selves because then and only then are we aligned with purpose. Authenticity is compelling, inspiring, transformative. It makes everyone it encounters want to be better, to step up and be his/her best authentic self too.


Doing and being what you promised, not just what you can get away with.

Taking Big Risks

Knowing that you can have fear without allowing it to have control over you; because you will either land on your feet or grow wings and soar.

Lastly, we believe real change comes through the knowledge and skill to find the right answers, and the courage and humility to ask the right questions. Those are the qualities we promise to bring to our partnership with you. Above all else, we pledge our passion. We only work on projects we believe in, which is why we will always seek real results over mere process and true impact over superficial outcomes. After working with us, every client is able to say that they are clear on their vision, clear on how to execute, and on how to measure progress toward a better, fairer future for us all.

Meet our team

Nakeia L. Drummond, PMP

Nakeia L. Drummond, PMP

Founder & Chief Strategist

Nakeia is results- driven leader, entrepreneur, and educator with 15 years of project management, strategic planning and change management experience. She views her career as a tapestry of experiences that have unlocked her purpose. In 2015, Nakeia founded NLD Strategic, an equity-focused management consulting firm that supports strategy development, implementation, and measurement in social impact organizations and businesses. She is also Founder of The Women Entrepreneur Leadership Lab, (The WELL ), a membership network that fosters collaboration and business growth for black woman-owned businesses.

Nakeia has spent most of her career in education, as a teacher and in various district management roles within Baltimore City Public Schools. Nakeia is the proud mother of a son, Asher; “bonus mom” to daughter Kaycie, and wife of her best friend since 5th grade, Jacen.


LaTonia Cokely

LaTonia Cokely


LaTonia possesses more than a decade of progressive experience in the field of education, particularly in the areas of equity, community building, leadership, curriculum and instruction.  She spent 10 years as a highly effective and engaging educator in Montgomery County, Maryland before transitioning into a role focused on teacher instructional and leadership development. LaTonia is gifted at assessing the needs of teams and school or organizational leaders. She is a skilled facilitator who deeply cares about equity and elevating the teaching profession.  She is keenly interested in growing the work of your organization and committed to building the capacity of organizations and individuals around issues of education, equity and identity.

Impeccable ability to navigate ambiguity…

“As a start-up, the details of our work have to be focused but are often times iterative. Nakeia possesses an impeccable ability to navigate ambiguity while leading others to vision fulfillment.”

Wes Moore, Founder & CEO of BridgeEdU

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